Farmhouse “La Cambra”

“La Cambra” is the result of the desire of truffle growers Emidio and Zenobio Angellozzi to preserve an old farmhouse in the valley of a 35 ha property used for truffle growing. Totally immersed in nature, the farmhouse “La Cambra” is the ideal location to spend some time in absolute peace and quiet. It is located in Olibra, a small village in the municipality of Venarotta just 8 km from Ascoli Piceno (central eastern Italy), about 30 km from the Sibillini Mountains and 35 km from the beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Riviera .

Before and after the restoration of the old farmhouse

It seems that the original structure dates back to the early 19th century. The house has gradually changed over the years to suit the needs of the growing family. It was built with blocks of local sandstone, carved and walled initially with the only natural and available binder: the earth. All the land around was used by the last farm family who lived there, with local traditional cultivations: grapes, olives, corn, wheat, barley, potatoes. Crops were used to feed the family and livestock that would also work in the fields. In numerous small orchards, legumes were grown and dried to ensure a safe nutritional intake throughout the year.